Branding Update

1 February 2019, the Boy Scouts program within the Boy Scouts of America will be re-branded to "Scouts BSA".

In preparation for this, all templates across the various sites have been changed to now display this. Over the next couple weeks, other pages will be edited to update the coming changes.

The only branding that won't be edited for now are the subdomains "troop" and "scoutsbsa". Troop will remain as the boy's website, and scoutsbsa is set up for the girls. There are no plans at the current moment to change this (few technical issues, along with legacy reasons that'll have to be solved before this can be looked at).


A new website theme is also introduced as part of this rebranding process. This allows better functionality and cleanliness of code.

This process will take a few days to complete, though most everything should be working right now.
Last updated on 22 Jan 2019 21:00