History of 220


On 1 September 1937, Troop 220 officially chartered with the Boy Scouts of America[1], though certificates weren't officially issued until 4 November 1937[2]. Many of the original members have been traced in previous troops together going back to a few years, with some of the earliest members being active in scouting as early as 1924. Reports in the local newspaper, The Lee's Summit Journal, state that in the first few meetings, there were as many as 13 scouts[3] as part of the troop.

The first Scoutmaster who led the troop was Alfred Osborne, who was assisted by his two Assistant Scoutmasters: Rev. E. J. Christian and Everette Lee McKisson[4]. The first Committee consisted of the following Committee Members: I. C. McLain (Chairman), C.R. Acuff, E.W. Cooper, E.C. Falk, and Ben Turoff[5].


The Triangle Club was the first sponsor for Troop 220 in Lee's Summit. This club stood for cooperation: to serve god, service to the community, and service to neighbors. They stood for helping each other, and for the advancement of the business educational and social welfare of the local community.

Many members of the group were big supporters of scouting, and the club pledged their full support to H. Roe Bartle after a visit in September of 1937[6]. At this time, H. Roe Bartle was the Scout Executive of the Kansas City Area Council (now known as the Heart of America Council post-1974).

Until 1942, the troop met in a couple different locations. The Lee's Summit City Hall, and the Lion's Club building, were two of the original meeting locations.

Sponsor Transfer

1942, the Lion's Club officially took over the sponsorship for 220, and the meeting location was moved to the local Methodist Church, where the troop met until 1949. The organization grew during this time, and on 3 June 1943, Pack 3-220 was formed with 25 cub scouts and officially chartered on 1 July 1943[7].

Final Home

In 1949, the troop and local population grew to a point that a second unit was necessary. The Lee's Summit United Methodist Church and the Lee's Summit Christian Church were designated as the two sponsors for these units. The Methodist church received the Cub Pack, which would be renumbered to 264 to go alongside their new troop, 264. Lee's Summit Christian Church received Troop 220, which created a new Cub Pack to go with it.

From 1949 to the present day, 220 has been with the Lee's Summit Christian Church. 2019 is the 70th anniversary of LSCC sponsoring 220.

A New Chapter

In 2017, the Boy Scouts of America announced that the program will allow to youth girls to register in the near future. Through our Venture crew, we've had a few women participate in different High Adventures prior to this change. Some of these treks included: Sea Base, Okpik, and even Philmont.

Pack 220 became one of the first early sponsors in the Heart of America Council to open their program for girls to participate with their brothers and their friends, with the first female den consisting of five girls.

Planning and formation began long before the release of Scouts BSA, with the Scoutmaster, an Assistant, and a full committee having been established and functioning before the program was even official. This was due to wanting to iron out problems and have everything in place to hit the ground running on day 1. Much like in our beginnings, they essentially functioned before the official charters were issued.

On 1 February 2019, Troop 7220 was chartered with the Boy Scouts of America with 13 youth participants. As it was over 80 years ago, having 13 boys forming Troop 220, we have 13 girls to start this new chapter of 220's history.


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